Best YouTube Tools To Grow Your Channel In 2017

The best YouTube tools to grow your channel the smart way. This list includes research tools, marketing tools and the best browser plugins that are available to YouTubers today.

Some of the tools for YouTube that I list help you bulk copy cards across your entire channel. They evern help you market your videos and research keywords to help you get more views so you can get more subscribers.

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Camera and accessories I used for this video:

Camera – Canon 70D

Lens – Canon 18-135 STM

Mic – Audio Technica 8035

Zoom H4n Digital Audio Recorder

Soft box lighting

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The YouTube tools from this video:

1. Tube Buddy –
👊 ( Affiliate link version if you want to help support the channel: ) 👊

2. Social Blade –

3. Tubular Labs –

4. Creator Studio App –

5. Vid IQ –

All of the above listed tools will help you grow your channel by giving you valuable insights into your personal growth as well as others in your niche.

Using these tools for YouTube creators will help you work smarter instead of harder in 2017. Have an awesome year!

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  3. Hi there Nick. I was curious about one thing. Back in the 2008 there was no such thing as Youtube Creators Studio and people used to use Adobe Premiere pro + After effects or other similar programs. My personal question to you would be – should I create my content 100% in Youtube Creators Studio or should I do it in a kind of hybrid way by mixing techniques found on stationery software with what Creators Studio has to offer? I'll be extremely thankful for any sort of advice.

  4. Hi Nick, thanks for the tools !! What do you think of tools that are converting your youtube channel into an audio podcast ?

  5. Hi Nick i am new Youtuber and loving the advice and its helped me out loads already especially about tubebuddy, thanks and keep up the good work.

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