Best Long Tail Keyword Research Tool – Keyword Researcher Pro!

Best Long Tail Keyword Research Tool –

Keyword Researcher is. I’ve discovered, the best way to find Long Tail Keywords for Blog Posts, Affiliate Marketing, PPC and almost any online marketing pursuits.

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Best Long Tail Keyword Research Tool

Finding SEO keywords can be a real drag and even worse when you figure out every other online marketer is going after those same keywords you’re trying to rank for.

This makes it almost impossible to organically use SEO to get Google rankings. So, you have to turn to Long Tail Keyword research…and that’s an all together different animal to overcome.

The Long Tail theory is that there will be less competition for longer word strings than there is for shorter word strings, for instance:

Trying to rank for the keyword “Best Headphones” will see your post, or article, appear on page 2,396,424 on Google! But going for the keyword, or Long Tail keyword phrase “Best Headphones for Sleeping” will stand you in better shape to get somewhere close, or even on, page one of Google.

These Long Tail Keyword examples are now the standard in this industry and you may want to go even longer for a better chance of ranking your content. And that’s easy.

All you would have to do is write a decent review and use some Long Tail marketing keywords smattered inside of it. Google Keywords ranking is an art that must be understood. You can’t just use any old long tail keyword tool…some only confuse matters!

Finding the best keyword research tool also depends on your own experience with SEO subjects such as buying keywords, long tail content, long tail SEO and using low competition keywords. For instance, a newbie to long tail marketing may find something like Long Tail Pro V3 a little too confusing and a bit expensive as it’s a monthly fee and has a confusing interface. I used Long Tail Pro Platinum for all of 3 weeks before giving up on it as being too glitchy and slow. Whereas, I’ve owned Keyword Researcher for 2 years now and haven’t found anything that can beat it, both for speed and results.

The cost is only a one time payment…no monthly fees, and you get lifetime updates and excellent training videos as well as some very useful built-in tools. I’ve also tried other paid keyword tools such as Market Samurai, Wordtracker, Jaaxy and others and let me tell you this….none of them come close to Keyword Researcher for value and ease of use.

Learning how to find keywords becomes easy once you go through the great video tutorials inside your Keyword Researcher membership (remember, it’s only a one time fee…no monthly costs…ever!). The way you learn how to choose keywords and how to search keywords from the moment you dive in, will change your SEO strategy forever. And for the better!

You can use Keyword Researcher with the best free keyword research tool out there, Google KW planner. Importing and exporting data is as easy as clicking a button. It’s all done at lightening speed too. There are tutorials of how to do this in video form on the sales page here

The best keywords for SEO are often questions. These questions come up more often than statements in the world of long tail optimization such as “what is…” or” How to…” and “Where can I…” – These sort of ‘add-on’s” are part of the long tail definition of a good Keyword.

Having a reliable Long Tail Keyword finder, such as Keyword Researcher, in your toolbox can, and will, repay you many times over and I also find it’s the best way to use Google keyword tool for generating search volumes.

So, in this mini Keyword Researcher Review I hope I’ve alerted you to probably the best paid keyword tool I’ve ever used. It’s not expensive, there are no monthly fees, updates are free forever, it’s quick, it’s smooth, it finds tons of Long Tail Keywords and the support is superb.

See it in action here:

Keyword Researcher
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