Amazon Keyword Research

How to quickly find low competition Amazon keywords for my PinFabulous strategy (

Low competition keywords that buyers would use to find products are great keywords for Amazon Associates to use for a variety of projects and affiliate marketing strategies. This keyword method is one I’ve used on Squidoo, HubPages, and now with Pinterest.

However, it’s no fun if you walk through all the steps and can’t seem to find good keywords that meet the criteria outlined in my books.

This video will hopefully give you some tips for making the process less time consuming so you’ll have better results – more keywords!

(Yes, you might hear birds in the background. I work outside on my patio just outside Phoenix, Arizona and the birds are always out. After years working in an office for a large corporation who wouldn’t work outside in the beautiful sunshine when they could, right?)

13 thoughts on “Amazon Keyword Research”

  1. Helloo,Erica Stone
    I'm Babor from Bd.& I'm a beginner of affiliate marketing. I wanna learn it. please give some suggestion to begin it soon.

  2. Keywords are important but knowing how many quantity is available in the market is another important thing to know before buying inventories. Amzpecty can simplify this task by showing you all seller quantity in 1 click!

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  4. Why is a good strategy when keyword's volume is lower than 1,000?
    Why are keywords' PR and BLP supposed to have more than 6 "zero"?

  5. Thanks for the video 🙂

    I've heard pros and cons about Market Samurai, as a newbie in SEO strategy do you think it's fairly easy to learn?

  6. haha, now thats what i call drilling down and finding some sub niches, you will find some subs with low comp and pretty good monthly searches, this is an awesome technique

  7. Hi Erica I'm noticing a lot of authority sellers in your example; target, lowes, bed bath and beyond etc. Keywords meet the criteria. Are you/ we able to compete with the large authority sellers?

  8. A quick tip for everyone – when entering your keyword from your spreadsheet into Market Samurai you can right click and copy from the spreadsheet and paste into Market Samurai.

    Saves a lot of time when you are a two finger typist like me.

  9. Oh, one more thing.  When you are typing the list into the keyword planner, does it give you exact match keywords?

    Thank you!

  10. Yes, by the way, those are birds in the background of the video.  Think of it as my way of making you feel like you're on a tropical island while relaying some important information to you.  Sort of like a mini vacation.  😉 

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