Amazon Keyword Research Tool – The Secret Hiding In Plain Sight

Here’s a -Secret- Amazon Keyword Research tool that is hiding in plain sight. Not one in a THOUSAND people even realize what Amazon is doing here… but you can use it to instantly discover BUYER keywords on Amazon. That’s right, the keywords people are typing into Amazon that result in a SALE! Use these keywords when writing articles, creating ebooks, blog posts, and more. This -secret- is hiding right in front of your face.

20 thoughts on “Amazon Keyword Research Tool – The Secret Hiding In Plain Sight”

  1. Knowing competitor quantity is key information before sourcing new inventories. Amzpecty simplifies this task. It can show competitor quantity in just 1 click. Avoid falling into a trap where the market is already flooded with stocks.

  2. Thanks, Jim. It's a good strategy. However, not only do you want buyer keywords with high volume, but also low competition (at least, until you get better at SEO and/or your pages start to rank higher). Nowadays, if you're focusing on ranking in YouTube search results, TubeBuddy ( is probably your best bet. Their keyword explorer shows search volume and competition, along with a score which is intended to indicate if it's worth targeting the analyzed keyword. However, I don't look at just the score but also take the other two factors into consideration. For instance, if two buyer keywords each return a score of 77/100 but the first one analyzed has a high search volume and very low competition while the other has a very high search volume and low competition, I'd target the latter, because to my mind, search volume is more important than competition. (TubeBuddy seems to put more weight on competition though.)

  3. Should your technique be used always from "all departments" or from the specific product category? For example if i want to kind buyer keywords related to waterproof pants should I use your technique under the clothing category or from "all departments" or does it even matter?

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