Amazing Amzscout Product Research Tricks For Amazon By Chrome Extension

🐅 AMZScout extension Pro is here:

🐩 The database, keywords and tracker are here:

In this tutorial I am getting started with how to find a profitable niche in Amzscout product database and check the relevance in the Keyword Explorer.

I go on with tips and tricks to:

* carry out market research
* use our amazon fba calculator
* count fees (storage and pick and pack) and revenue

I check sales rank for a product and its history, then put the product to a sales tracker.

With our amazon research tool we study a step by step case to find out the whole information about the niche and products as:

* price history
* listing quality score
* BSR rank
* fba revenue
* fba cost
* minimum buy box price
* keywords for your marketing and ppc campaigns
* alibaba cost

Analysing process suits for private label builders, retail arbitrage, drop shipping (merchants, fbm).
Amzscout data work in such amazon markets as the USA, India, the UK, Germany, Spain, Canada, Italy, France, Mexico

The tutorial suits for beginners and experts. It helps to find ideas for your new amazon products, analyse them and organise inventory management after launch.

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