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Affiliate Marketing for Beginners – Niche Research
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In this video we talk about Niche research. We look at:

How Important Niche Research is
Brainstorming Ideas
What is your Ideal Keyword
Additional Tools to help research
Competition Analysis

So why is Niche Research for affiliate marketing so important?

If you don’t know already, a Niche is a specific group of people who are all interested in a specific, or related product or service.

There are broad and narrow niches. For example “Weight loss” would be broad and “body weight exercises for post pregnancy woman over the age of 30” would be narrow.

The amount of customers within a niche is dependent on how broad or narrow a niche is.

Niche research is important to help decide if a Niche is financially viable and if it is worth pursuing.

It would be a waste of time and money to pursue a niche that doesn’t buy anything.

The idea is to find a niche that has plenty of buyers but low competition.

For Affiliate Marketing we look at a number of things to decide on which Niche to pursue. For this video we will look at the 3 following things

– How many people are searching each month for a product or service?

– What keywords are they using when they search?

– What is the competition like and are they fulfilling the needs of the market and how can we improve?

We need ideas so we do some brainstorming. This will give us plenty of options and ideas to play with.

When brainstorming we create lists. For each list we try to generate 10 – 20 different ideas. So create a list of the following:

10 Personal interests
10 Personal hobbies
10 Personal passions
10 Frustrations people may have in any market
10 Popular/Best selling Amazon products/categories
10 Popular/Best selling Ebay products/categories
10 Common struggles in online forums

With all these ideas we need to narrow it down so we start looking at keywords.

What is your ideal keyword? In affiliate marketing we target keywords so we can show up in search engine results.

For this reason we need to know what keywords people are using to locate specific products.

There are many different points of view on this and it largely depends on your experience and expertise.

Generally as a rule of thumb we measure keywords on the following metrics:

– 5000+ exact match searches
– 1500 minimum searches with lots of related long tail keywords
– Are they buyers keywords – using “best”, “top”, “review”
– Are there companies spending money on advertising
– Is the competition on the first page of Google low

They keywords you use need to be relative to the niche or idea

You can modify the search using words like Best, Review, Top etc.

“Best teeth whitening product” or “Top 10 skin care products”

By screening your ideas using the above metrics you will be able to narrow down your list.

With a smaller list you will be getting close to making a decision

Competition Analysis is important in Affiliate Marketing

We take a look at the top 10 results in google. We then take a look at the following metrics.

We use tools like and moz tool bar. All are free

– Are the results filled with other blogs and affiliate sites?
– Are there multiple sites that have a page authority less than 30?
– Are there sites less than 1 year old?
– Are there any sites that have less than 30 juice backlinks?

By using the above metrics we should have a list of 1 – 5 ideas that are potentially viable.

From here we need to choose 1 idea that we could comfortably write 15 – 20 articles on and potentially expand to 100+ posts if the site becomes an authority.

Once you have made your choice you will be ready to move on to the next stage of affiliate marketing!

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