Advanced Keyword Research Tutorial (5-Step Blueprint)

Want to do keyword research the right way? Then check out this insanely actionable SEO tutorial.

In this video I’ll reveal my 5-step process for finding awesome keywords that your competition doesn’t know about.

Here’s a breakdown of what you’ll learn:

First, I’ll go over the first step to having any sort of success with keyword research. You see, most people fire up a random tool and pick a keyword out of thin air. But there’s a better (and smarter) way.

Next, I’ll get into the ninja strategies that I use to find topics and keywords. Many of these are a bit outside the box, but they work.

Then, you’ll learn how to pick a keyword from a list of options. If you’ve ever wondered: “OK so I have a bunch of keywords…how do I pick the best one?”, you’ll really enjoy this section of the video. Here’s where I’ll show you which factors matter when deciding between different terms to optimize your site around.

And finally, I’ll cap things off with a sweet little bonus tip (and a mini case study).

Of course, like any of my videos, I also sprinkle in LOTS of examples, pro tips and case studies. I’ll also show you how I use the Google Keyword Planner (and a few other tools that I recommend).

In short, if you want to learn how to do keyword research, I recommend checking out today’s video.

20 thoughts on “Advanced Keyword Research Tutorial (5-Step Blueprint)”

  1. You should probably do more videos on this..Last year that buzz King Therus about calculating the value of keywords for google advertising.. This video just helped me integrate some realimportant aspects i was leaving out ..many thanks Brian!!!

  2. Thanks Brother Brian! With this videos you are helping so much to people. Because youtube is so crowded and its hard to find the right way without having informations. You are doing so good. I am a new game channel, am trying to do create great things as i can, so this videos are making people happy because the things are making us better and worths to trying. Thanks again Brian!

  3. awesome bro.
    I have a question about keywords.
    a long tail keyboard have monthly searches about 100-1k compi. low cpc is good I have to use or and how many times I have to use main keyword in Article

  4. Thanks. Alot of great content. Unfortunately, by the time I saw this video both kwfinder and SEM rush were no longer free. (SEM gave me 10 more searches to get my email address and to try and convert me)

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