8 Ways to Tell if your Amazon Product Listing is Optimized (Keywords & SEO Check)

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We’re going to analyze 3 Amazon listings, and you’ll find something that you can tweak in your own listings to give yourself an edge, make that extra sale, make more money.

A lot pf people email me with something like this:

I’m thinking of buying the Asteroid Aim listing optimization service. But before I do, can you tell me if my listing is optimized?


As a rule, we don’t take customers if we can’t add significant value.

I’ll do 3 examples. This is what I would tell these sellers if they emailed me.

We’ll check:

– title
– bullets
– description
– backend search terms
– keyword keyword search volume using MerchantWords, an Amazon keyword research tool
– product photos
– price
– product category
– product reviews

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