2018 Keyword Research Tutorial, Tips, and Tools

Here’s how you do keyword research in 2018. In this tutorial I give you my best tips and tricks on all the different things you can do to start getting better keyword ideas for your content. The keyword research tools I use are:

Keywordtool.io: http://keywordtool.io/
Uber Suggest: https://ubersuggest.io/
Google Keyword Planner: https://adwords.google.com/KeywordPlanner
Answer the public: http://answerthepublic.com/
LSI Graph: http://lsigraph.com/

Need help with your kw research? Send me a message at http://chasereiner.com/

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20 thoughts on “2018 Keyword Research Tutorial, Tips, and Tools”

  1. Hey! what do you think is the maximum searches on google that you would try and write an article for? lets says you google a keyword and its in like 50-60 millions? but the articles dont look that great… is it worth trying? like what the max you would go for? 1 million searchs?

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  3. Chase, nice video, what tool did you use to make the video? Like the way you put yourself in the bottom right of the video?

  4. Consider speaking slower and assume that your audience does not know much–that is why they are watching your video

  5. Hey Chase, that's a great intro to SEO, you had some great tips in there. I've been working with an SEO firm for client projects and haven't had the SEO expertise in-house, but this will help me get started to better understand SEO and build the expertise in-house. Cheers to you! Btw, I'd love to connect and potentially interview you for the new video series "Business Growth Geniuses" (I've done about 80 interviews so far.

  6. Speaking too fast and you are assuming that everyone knows how to meander through the keyword planner–not for beginners!

  7. Hi….i just jump over to google adwords planner to give it try…Question??? is it possible to see these keywords without running an ad campaign?????because i can not seem to get pass this page. it only goes from (step 1).add info on activity, (step 2) first campagin, (step 3 )Payment…???

  8. Hi Chase. Thanks for posting this video. I can't get up the keyword planner page though. I get drawn into setting up an adword account being asked to fill in details such as email, daily budget and website address. I'm not sure I want to give this away and end up on someone's mailing list. Any advice?

  9. Not sure why my google keyword planner always show 1k-10K or 10k-100K indications instead of showing 1200 or 100000…..etc

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