10 Niche Site Ideas for 2018

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19 thoughts on “10 Niche Site Ideas for 2018”

  1. Sidekick Ricky, I've got a question for you. Do you format your links to open in "new tab" or no? Or does it not matter?

  2. OK, I've just gone ahead and purchased my first domain and hosting thanks to you guys – Super excited! Any recommendations on what wordpress theme to use ? Thanks for the awesome videos!

  3. i'm really enjoying this lol….. im starting a shampoo niche, it all about shampoos, i will be writing articles like (can i use my dog shampoo to wash my cat), people search those type of questions a lot

  4. I noticed on your site that you offer a podcasting course. Do podcasts work in a similar way to niche sites, in that you create the content and put links to affiliates in your show notes, or is podcasting different and possibly more difficult than niche sites. I'm asking because making a podcast sounds more interesting to me than writing a blog, but I think it would be hard to get a podcast listener to make a purchase through a link. I'd love to hear your take on this.

  5. man! i just started my golf niche site mainly focused on golf carts you just put me down 🙁 already paid for year of hosting and content 🙁 also man, how do you do competiton analysis? can you do a video about it

  6. Interesting that you rate the outdoor movie niche so low when it's listed on your site as a great idea "ripe for the taking." Might need to re-evaluate that post

  7. Awesome as always. Quick question, Do you guys offer just niche consultation? I fully believe your entire package is well worth the money, but I was wondering if you offer just niche consultation as an individual service?

  8. Man I just want to earn only 500 dollars per month as I want to support my coaching classes by my self is there any way to do that online and if yes how much time will it take to show result.

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