Getting your websites the exposure it deserves is not as hard as you might think. With the right keyword research even a weak new website with few backlinks can get lots of rankings and visitors. The key is content. Great quality content with lots of naturally written search terms is the most important factor when you want visitors to find you website in the top spots on Google, Bing, Yahoo or any other search engine. We have the must have data that you truly need at your fingertips. Keyword Stream simply shows you the best keyword options you need to release your websites potential.


Getting top rankings in the search engine results pages (SERPS) takes months and months of hard work right? Wrong! When targeting highly competative keywords you will need lots of strong links to rank in the top spots. But if go for the low hanging fruits that is longtail keywords you can target keywords that little to no one is targeting. Keyword Stream gives you the operatunity to find extreme longtail search terms in any niche that users are searching for. No other keyword tool will give you this.Google adwords keyword tool hides the search terms that you really want. This is simply to make sure the CPC competition is high on the keywords the planner suggests.


If you have a website or article that you want to super boost with traffic generating keywords you have come to the right place. Keyword Stream tells you which keywords are on your website and which are not. This makes it super easy to add search terms in you text that will result in more traffic. We recommend targeting both hard and easy keywords. When you use our longtail keyword generator you can get hundreds if not thoasands of longtail keywords that will get your website on page one tomorrow. Individually each longtail search term will not get your site a super boots. But when you add a lot into the text you will see results. The beauty when you go long is that the keywords don�t have to be in the title og headers to rank. Each phrase can we written into any part of your website text where it fits. But remember to keep it natural make sure your keyword density does not get too high.


Link building is great and done correctly will result in better rankings of any website. But you can get truck loads of delicious free organic traffic from Google and friends without creating a single link. Picture this. You have an article on your website about losing weight. Getting trafic to this article should be next to impossible without building some strong links right? Wrong! Lets say that you in this article have 100 super longtail keyword search terms with a minimum of 8 word per search terms naturally written into your text. These 100 longtail keywords all have very little competition meaning you will begin to see first and second page ranking simply by having them in your text. Each search term might only get you 2-3 visitors per month. But when you add it up these 100 keywords can bring you 200-300 organic visitors per month to that single articlce.


With our suggestion tool you get thoasands of keyword suggestions when you do a keyword search. Each result shows you estimated searches per month, adwords competition, adwords price per click, word count. But that is not all. The suggestion tool also scans your landing page to show you which search terms are on your landing page and which are not and the keyword desity on the keywords that were found on your page.


Using this alternative to the Google keyword Planner is as easy as can be. You really only need to think about 3 things when doing your research.

Enter keywords at the top of the page. We suggest picking out 3-4 keywords that you think fits. This is all the keyword research you need to do. You enter the keywords with a comma to seperate them. Like this: keyword tool,keyword research,google planner. If you have negative words you can enter them in the same way in the negative keywords field.

Scan your landing page. We highly recommend entering your landing page in the Landing page URL field. If you don’t have a landing page you can paste the text of your article into the same field. The information on the landing page or article will be scanned for keyword matches. This will show you which search terms are on your site and which are not. A true time saver.

Advanced options. For even quicker results in SERPS you can set the minimum search words high in the advanced settings. This will get you extra longtail keywords that close to nobody is targeting. If you set the minimum words to 7, you will only see search terms that have a minimum of 7 words in them. In the advanced options you also have the option to see minimum and maximum search volume and results per page.